Lafayette Township Cemetery


The cemetery is located at 10800 E.  St. Charles Rd.  It is between Woodbridge Road and Mason Road, on the south side in Wheeler, MI


$100 per half lot (2 burial plots) for Residents
$500 per half lot (2 burial plots) for Non-Residents

*any person desiring to purchase more than 2 plots, must have Township Board approval.


Corey Schaub –Lafayette Township Clerk
Ph-(989) 620-4354

Plot Opening & Closing

Jeremy McAllister of McAllister’s Excavation & Cemetery Service
Ph- (989) 666-0206

Traditional plot burial- $550. Weekends and Holidays add $150
Cremation burial – Price based on size.

Headstone Foundations

Jeremy McAllister of McAllister’s Excavation & Cemetery Service
Ph- (989) 666-0206

Pricing- $0.40/ square inch.

Lafayette Township Cemetery sign

Cemetery Guidelines

  1. All cemetery property belongs to the Lafayette Township.
  2. Trees, bushes and shrubs are not allowed to be plated in the cemetery.
  3. Artificial/live flowers may be planted in line or within six inches of the headstone.
    Flowers must be maintained by owner.
  4. Grave blankets may be placed after December 1st and must be removed by May 1st.
    After May 1st, the township reserves the right to discard grave blankets.
  5. All headstones and bases are the responsibility of the owner.  Bases must be 3 inches wider than headstones on all sides, flush with the ground.
  6. Any lot or lots not used 20 years after the death of the purchaser or spouse, will revert back to the township.
  7. Township is not responsible for grave maintenance.  Residents are welcome to use the dirt (next to dumpsters) for grave sites.  Township only does mowing, general clean up, trimming of tress and weed control.  Residents are responsible for the up keep of the sites.


Approved by the Lafayette Township Board June 8, 2010

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10800 E. St. Charles Rd. Wheeler, MI. 48662