Rent Your Hall

Lafayette Township Hall
Lafayette Township Hall
Township Hall Kitchen
Town Hall Main Meeting Room
Town Hall Main Meeting Room

Rental Guidelines

  1. No alcohol and no smoking is allowed on the property.
  2. Clean up any spills on carpet immediately.
  3. Serve red punch with caution. Stains from such will require professional cleaning--- At your expense.
  4. No tape on walls.
  5. Leave the hall in the condition in which it was found. A cleaning checklist can be found on bulletin board.
  6. When leaving, turn off all lights, take trash, turn thermostat to 60, and lock all doors.
  7. Do not drag tables or chairs on the carpet during set up/take down.


Laney Rohn

Bradey Neitzke

Per Day Rental Fee

Print & Sign:

A check for the rental is required with the attached signed agreement.  EXCEPT for funeral dinners and civic group meetings, such as 4-H, which has no charge.

$100 per day for wedding receptions.
$100 per day for nonresidents of the township
$50 per day for residents of the township

A deposit of $50 is required with the attached agreement.  This must be returned 1 week prior to the rental date.

The hall will be inspected after use and deposit returned if rules have been followed.  If more than $50 is required to make necessary repairs, a bill will be issued to the responsible party.

Township Hall 2970 N. Barry Road Breckenridge, MI 48615